Avoiding a solar cover reel


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May 31, 2008
I just installed a new 21x38 IG free form pool and I'm loving it. We also have a gas 200k btu heater but only plan to use it in the spring or fall to extend the season due to cost of gas. I see lots of recommendations for getting a solar cover to reduce evaporation and heat loss at night in the summer and to keep the temp nice without using the heater, but it seems that these are a real pain... The reels are unsightly in my opninion and from what I hear, it takes more than one person to move the reel away from the pool if you want to clean up the pool area for a party.

So, is it possible to just use 2 smaller covers (oval or circular shape) that can be somewhat easily rolled up by hand and set aside when not in use? Is this more of a pain than the reel?


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May 17, 2008
Southwest OH
You can cut the solar cover into strips (maybe into thirds), which make it a lot easier to either take on or off and store away...for the party :-D


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May 23, 2007
We have a similar size pool (18 X 40).

We cut our cover into 4 10X18 pieces. We fold each in half (5'), then roll it up. We have 4 large garbage bins tucked away in a hidden corner of the yard that we toss them in.

Makes the whole process pretty simple, and keeps everything clean.