Auto-Pilot Pool Pilot DG-220


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Jun 9, 2010
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Hello to all! First post, please help if possible!

Just purchased the Pool pilot digital 220 and would like to install into an outlet (plug-in type). Already did the conversion from 230v to 115v in the unit itself, as per the instructions. Now, if I were to connect it to a 3 prong type plug, which wires go were? Reason: I want to put a power bar-surge suppressor between my Pool Pilot SWG and electrical.
The diagram the supplied doesn't say which is line and which is load terminal.
I have an intermatic timer that the pump is attached to, but never use it as electricity here is dirt cheap. Pump runs on 115v, to the timer and a dedicated circuit into the circuit breaker box. I have plenty of room in the cabana for electrical add ons.

I did call customer service (Daniele) but frankly, didn't help at all. Disappointed. Hopefully, I'll be able to find more knowledgeable people here!

Thanks a million!


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Apr 15, 2007
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This is in the manual.
AC LINE IN (Wiring diagram also located on inside of cover): select the diagram that matches your application.

For 230 VAC; Brown (Br) = Line 1, Blue (Bl) = Line 2, Green w/Yellow Tracer (Gr/Yel) = Earth Ground
For 115 VAC; Brown (Br) = Line, Blue (Bl) = Neutral, Green w/Yellow tracer (Gr/Yel) = Earth Ground

So, for your cord, usually the larger slot is the Neutral.

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