Ascorbic acid treatment Question

May 8, 2017
North Wales
I just got a new liner and new pump this year, so I have all new water (filled partially from a truck, partially from hose) There is no metal in the new water now, but it was very high all last season, so I do have some existing staining on the fiberglass steps. I wanted to a small dose of the ascorbic acid treatment to get them looking bright white again. There is no chlorine in the pool yet, as I just finished filling it last night. If I were to do the ascorbic treatment, should I still not shock for 2 weeks? How do you recommend going about this since I want to get some chlorine in the pool soon, but I also think this is an ideal time to treat the steps
May 8, 2017
North Wales
No, I don't think there is a reason to shock at this point. I think getting it up to an operating FC level (from 0) is the goal. I figured that would take more than just pucks in the chlorinator, so I was more just asking if it was OK to use larger amounts of direct chlorination (likely liquid chlorine or bleach) to get it up to 3ppm or so. I think this answers the question. Thanks!


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Aug 10, 2012
Yes, it is definitely fine to use bleach/liquid chlorine to raise FC quickly.


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Apr 27, 2012
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Edam, if its steps only, here's my trick that worked like a charm without the whole full AA treatment a pita:

1. Get a pound of AA (or less...I used less than a quarter cup) - you can order same on Amazon for cheap

2. Buy a cheap dishwashing wand that has the hollow handle for putting dish soap in. Instead of loading with dish soap, using a funnel, fill about halfway with AA powder and half with water. cap.

3. Rub the brush on the steps, and anywhere else for spot treatment.

4. Follow with a quick splash of sequestrant on the steps right away, eg 4-6 oz, just to immediately sequester any iron released.

Five minutes later, you're done ;)