Aquarite Salt Water Generator T-15 turbo cell


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May 27, 2020
So I went to use my salt system since I just recently purchased a new house with a in ground pool 18x36 approx. 30k gallons. I did the standard pool opening procedures, I noticed the salt levels were 1100 ppm, I confirmed this with the panel and test strips, So I added the amount needed to get the levels up to min of 2600ppm, which I then later achieved 2900 ppm. I noticed that I wasn't producing enough chlorine using the salt water gen. So I decided to take a sample to the pool store which they stated my levels were 4400.. which made no sense to me, So if the salt level is too high it wont function properly which I understand, but the panel never would recognize the levels being too high, it still reads 2900, I recalibrated the system multiple times and still end up with the same result. In hand I got fed up with dealing with this and ended up going the chlorine route. My question is how likely is the cell to be bad vs the panel, system is from like 2005, I initially cleaned the cell and it looked fine inside. I was debating on purchasing a new cell to see if that helped but I really don't want to play the guessing game is it the cell or the board. My pool is operating now on chlorine, I def want the option to possibly go back to the salt water chlorine generator option but Idk if its worth the hassle.