Anyone Used Belgard Lafitt Rustic Slab in either Avondale or Belgian Stone color?


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Jun 25, 2017
Birmingham, AL
Hi there! We are desperately trying to figure out what to use around our pool but are having problems deciding on a coping for the above pavers. Have any of you used these pavers and if so, what coping did you use? Pictures would be great if you have them. Thanks in advance.


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Apr 3, 2015
New York
Hi. I don't have that brand (couldn't find that color listed either) but just wanted to share my experience with pavers and the coloring. Often the magazines seem to show a wet look and when they are dry they look quite different. i don't know if they wet them down or just enhance the color digitally but they look different than you'll see the in your yard.

You're smart to look for real life examples now. Of course by the pool they'll get wet but the majority of the time you'll be looking at them dry so choose based on that. My coping is Onyx black (techobloc) but it's more of a grey when dry and is black when wet. I'm happy for you that you'll soon be rid of the dirt! I felt like I had dirt being tracked into my house forever until I finished the decking.


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Mar 7, 2016
Not sure if Techo-Bloc is available there or not (I believe they are now), but look either at the Piedimonte or Portofino cap. They both have subtle texture that would fit pretty nicely with the Belgard Rustic Slab.