Anyone successfully using an intex robot with a 2100 gph pump/sand filter?


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Jun 28, 2016
Pittsburgh, pa
I was considering going with the intex $50 robot that cleans the bottom of the pool, by doing a pvc pipe split at the return area on the pool (so both the return and robot can run at the same time and/or having a shut off for one of the two to give more pressure)..

Has anyone with a 2100 gph pump been able to make good use of the robot and how (connections etc?)

My in progress mods are adding the hayward widemouth sidewall skimmer, converting to PVC then straight over to the old existing outlet (ill plug the other old outlet with a black cap for now) then from there to the pump, but ill probably turn off the secondary outlet suction port to give the hayward more suction like i had to do before with the floating basket.

On the return side i have the salt water generator, which ill send to a pvc pipe to the return eyeball but split that to go off to the robot as some have done with a toggle switch (valve) as well.

Mainly i'm wondering if the 2100 is enough.. as if its not, i've seen many using this bestchoice 4500 gph pump, which i could ultimately swap everything out for.

I'd rather not swap it out if i dont have to, but maybe the filtration would be 10x better, or maybe the mod of me changing the outlet port to a 1.5" capable one (in progress) and possibly using a hayward return eyeball will make things even better on their own.

Thanks in advance


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Jun 3, 2015
Stockholm, Sweden
The 2100 GPH should be quite sufficient. I run mine off a separate 1050 GPH pump but have to bypass the sandfilter to get it to run well. No problem running it with the sandfilter engaged on my main pump which is 1600 GPH.

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