Any clue what this pipe is / where it goes?


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Apr 22, 2019
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We purchased a home with a pool a couple years ago and I've been following TFP guidelines with great results (first time pool owner when we moved in). It looks like there was some work done after original install (before we bought it) to perhaps remove something or add something in the plumbing... See picture below. There are back to back manual valves, but with wiring that appears to have previously been for actuator valves. Anyway, the valves have always both been in the OFF position since we moved in, just curious what the heck they are for and where the pipe goes. I thought it might have been for an old vacuum / cleaner setup (pool has a robot). A friend suggested maybe a high-water runoff to our septic? There is a spigot on one end for draining when we get heavy rain. I'm stumped...

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Feb 13, 2019
In my setup, there is a pipe like this that goes to a pressure side cleaner port. It could be some sort of waste path, instead, I suppose. But that could have been provided by the Multiport valve.

No idea about the back-to-back valves. I suspect that someone had more valves than they had pipe so that's what they used to fill the space.