Algeacide is making my pool cloudy!

Beth craig

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May 13, 2017
Elkton ky
I have an 18x42 Intex pool with a saltwater pump and sand filter. When I uncovered the pool it was green so I turned on the pumps added algeacide and let it run. I bought a test kit and long story short have added product until this kit says it's good on all levels, but the pool is still cloudy. It looks like it would be blue water but it's a milky color. Yesterday I decided to add more algeacide because I read that algea causes the water to be cloudy, well when I added the algeacide I noticed right where I was pouring it, the water was clouding up. So now I am really confused!! Please help!


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Jan 6, 2010
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The obvious thing to do is stop adding algaecide. Algaecide works better as a preventative than as a cure in the same way that wiping surfaces with Lysol stops the spread of germs but drinking it won't cure a cold.

What you need now is bleach. The saltwater generator can't produce chlorine fast enough to kill the algae so you'll need to give it some help.

I'm going to suggest some reading. That will save me pages of typing. First, theABCs of Pool Water Chemistry, so you understand our strange language. Then what we call the SLAM. You can also scroll through Algae - Prevention and Treatment and check out threads that mention green pools. Look for one with lots of replies, and the paperclip icon. Then do what they're doing.

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