air leak in pump definitely coming from skimmer line


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Apr 22, 2017
Hi everyone
First many thanks to everyone who informs this forum, I've been lurking for many many years and you have all saved me countless $$ as I make less trips to the pool store!!

I've read some of the other posts and don't think my specific concern has previously been addressed (apologies if I've missed it).

I have a concrete, in ground pool, with 2 skimmers and 2 main drains. The two skimmers feed into one line that comes out of the ground 12" before the pump, and the two drains feed into one line that also comes out of the ground 12" before the pump. Prior to the two of them joining I have shut off valves, and then they enter one t connection to the pump.

Problem: when I pull water only from the main problem. When I pull water from the skimmers, it immediately becomes air only. I'm thinking catastrophic failure of the underground lines from the skimmers, but after reading the other forum posts I realize this isn't likely.

So my question is, what could it be? how do I test? (no vortex seen in either skimmer)

Also, for repair options:
1. I assume the lines could be dug up at great expense (also concrete decking)
2. has anyone had success with those chemical leak solutions all over youtube?

Many thanks
Location: London Ontario Canada