air bubbles from one return?


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Oct 15, 2015
I've checked the O ring at the filter pump as well as the water level to make sure the skimmers aren't sucking in air and both look good but I've got air bubbles coming from one of the pool returns. any other ideas on what to check/troubleshoot? I've noticed it at a couple different returns but never seems to happen and more than one at the same time?


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Apr 25, 2016
Hi Darin,

It sounds like you have a very small leak. If you aren't losing a bunch of water, and the air isn't bothering you, I'd probably just leave it until it got worse. As digging up your line might not be worth the effort for a small leak. Do you notice any dampness around your pool equipment or in the yard? Do you have a DE filter? You might double check that the air valve is closed all the way - sometimes gunk can get in there and disrupt the seal.

Good luck!

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Oct 15, 2015
we just filled the pool back in December for the first time and hadn't really noticed it until recently so maybe it's at the pump O ring. I'll double check to make sure it's nice and tight. we've got a pentair cartridge filter that we haven't messed with since the pool builder wrapped up. I'll double check the valves on it.

haven't noticed any damp spots around the pad or elsewhere but I'll keep an eye out for it.. I don't notice an abnormal amount of air bubbles in the pump basket but I'm not entirely sure what that may or may not rule out (perhaps not coming from plumbing/suction side but either O ring or air valve at cartridge filter?)


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Aug 10, 2012
SWG cells will put small bubbles into the return closest to the equipment pad. It is totally normal. You can turn off the SWG, or look when it is off, to verify it is the SWG generating the bubbles.