AG pool Solar Reel?


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Apr 20, 2008
I am looking for one also. I have been looking online today and just came here to search for info on them.

A few members here built their own, From looking at the parts to building a nice looking one the price is not much more than buying one.

My concern with one like you have in the link is how much pressure does it put on the side of the pool. When the cover is reeled on it and the whole thing is swung to the outside of the pool.


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Apr 8, 2007
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We built our own. I did not want something attached to my pool and didn't want to try and fold my cover either - its too big to manhandle. Ours can be put on or reeled up by one person and cost less to build than buying one. But you have to be able to weld or have someone weld for you.


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May 27, 2007
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I bought this one. ... ystem.html

I didn't install it on the pool though - I sunk some 4x4's off the end of the pool, put some short pieces of 2x8 on top of the 4x4's, and mounted the reel to them. It works OK, but the system didn't come with enough straps for off the end use, IMO; you can still get the cover reeled up on it, but you have to walk from side to side while reeling it up to get the cover to go on somewhat straight. So, I ordered some more 1" webbing and some connectors to connect to the solar cover. Haven't had a chance to add them yet, though - pool is hitting 90 every day, got the fountain running at night to cool it down, so my cover sits all reeled up on the reel.

I'll take some pics later on today.
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