AG Pool Leveling Question - Pre Install work


Jun 11, 2007
Hi. (I think I got the right forum on this)
I hired out the local landscape company to level a 30 circular spot for an AG pool (pool is 24, but I wanted some extra spacE). Using a laser level/transit I checked and I would estimate the whole thing is about 3-4 inches off from the high to low side. Is this normal? My questions is I paid to level a 30 foot circle, what would you say is the acceptable vaiance in height? to me, +- 1 inch would be ok (but I would prefer 0)
I have had them out twice, but I feel the job they are doing is NOT acceptable (plus, I would have to dig out the spaces between the bricks for the track, and the bottom would be all out of whack). The whole thing really isn't even level, with huge tracks left from the equipment and dirt mounds left in the circle.
Am I crazy? or just being too anal?



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May 7, 2007
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You really want it to be level within an inch, half an inch if at all possible. That company might not be the right one for the job. Not all landscaping companies know how to get a good level, or you might not have explained what you needed in a way they could understand. Depending on your soil that might be the best level you can get without adding a layer of a different material that levels more easily.


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Apr 1, 2007
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I'm simply reinforcing what Jason said. One inch would be dead maximum for me. .5" would be my goal.

You'll be fighting that 3-4" the whole way thru if you accept it now....I would not.


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Apr 8, 2007
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That 3-4" could easily become 4-5" or more with settling later on down the road (is it even compacted correctly?) and could spell disaster for your pool walls.


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Mar 27, 2007
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Have you paid them yet? I wouldn't, if you wanted it level, and they get it withing 3-4 inches, that is not level. That is level-ish. It is not a patio, it is for a pool, you want the water to stay in it, not run off of it.

Probably the thing to do is get them back over, get out the crayons and paper, and draw them what you want in really simple terms. Use alot of pictures too.


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Apr 2, 2007

Definitely NOT acceptable, I had a neighbour come in with a 30 yr old backhoe/loader, move a pile of dirt I had on another spot on my property to where my pool was going and he was able to level that to within an inch, if he can do that, they should be able to give you a perfectly level area.
The following year, I hired a guy who owns a bobcat to bring in some more dirt and add to the allready level area - he was also able to keep it level - however, he owned a laser level, and your landscaper should not even be doing this without one.