advice on ordering tf100 kit


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Aug 10, 2017
Succasunna, NJ
ahead of my install im going to order my test kit. going to order the XL version as i will be doing alot upon first water install in new pool. was gonna add an 8oz bottle for the CYA test it says it only has 16 tests in the kit. I will have a SWG do I also order the salt test kit?

just want to do it once and be good for a while/season can someone give me any other stuff to order at same time from tftestkits. thanks in advance


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Jan 17, 2012
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Do you currently work in the pool industry?
When your pool is about a week to getting a finish (plaster?) order that test kit. It arrives pretty fast from shipping out of NC.

I'd order the TF-100. The XL is handy for green pools that need to SLAM, but the plain TF-100 and a salt test kit (K-1766 kit) will be good for almost two years of use.

The Speed Stir device is an extra that just makes testing a LOT faster. You slip the test tube on the device, toss a magnetic bean in and turn it on and it does the spinning. Really good if you have arthritis in your hands. I bought a few extra beans only cause i tend to toss my testing samples in to the grass as I move from test to test and sometimes I can't find the bean! It also gives me a bean for each test vial. Just a convenience.

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