Adding Salt for new Quartzite Pool; Method?


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Apr 25, 2016
Carlsbad, CA
New quartzite refinish on my 16k gal. pool. I've waited a month, and now I'm adding salt, Diamond Crystal from Home Depot. I did a quick search, but didn't see any particular method to adding salt other than dumping and brushing. I'm putting in abuot 340 lbs, and its mostly just sitting on the bottom, so I'm brushing as best I can, any secrets to the best way to introduce salt?



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Jan 17, 2012
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Throw a couple of kids in there and let them stir things up :) Seriously, the way you're doing it is about the only way. It won't take too long to dissolve.


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Sep 9, 2010
Miami, FL
Actually kids splashing is a good idea, we did it... ?

Starting day 5/25/2015 INTEX AGP 24'x12'x54" 8,400 gal, with salt and borax, INTEX 3,000 GPH pump with 16"sand filter, WM Hayward Skimmer, Intex SWG CG-28669, 1 1/2" hard plumbed PVC, Lil' Shark Vacuum With Leaf Canister, TF100 test kit, speed stir, K-1766 Taylor salt test


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May 23, 2015
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If you are adding salt for an SWG, please wait several days for the water to fully mix before you start it up. Salt water is heavier than fresh water and it takes time for the water to fully mix and homogenize. People too often add salt and then turn on their SWGs right away causing all sorts of high and low salt alarms to go off


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Apr 25, 2016
Carlsbad, CA
Thanks Joyful, I think patience is probably important. I got it up to about 2900/3000 yesterday, but my readings would hold a minute or two, then fall to zero. I replaced my PCB a year or two ago with an aftermarket, and whenever I've called Hayward for a problem, they blame the board and won't help. I just replaced the TC-15 under warranty a few months ago, so I'm going to try one more time tonight with the board, then I'm just going to replace the main GLX-PCB. Looks like about $185 on Amazon direct from Hayward, so at least I'll be back to OEM. Has anyone else had the issue of the salt #'s dropping to 0 after a brief, and presumably accurate, reading?


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Jun 10, 2016
Temecula, CA
I dumped 2 bags of 40 lbs each at a time for a total of 10 bags and brushing in between. Run pump and Dolphin cleaner for 3 hours and whalah.

Anyway, my newly installed SWP15 worked flawlessly for the first couple of hours then suddenly dropped the instant salinity to 0. The disappearance of tiny gas bubbles on the return rings the bell. The SWG is in normal state and generating, no red light. However, salinity and current dropped to 0, go figure! I had to cycle power to recover and had not seen the problem since.
My gripe is, the SWG Salt level is all over the place. Fine with me as long as it is generating the amount of chlorine as it should.

Hope you're using K-1766 to determine the salt level in your pool.
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