adding chlorine after ascorbic acid


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Jul 17, 2011
Canton, MI
I just completed an ascorbic acid treatment on my pool yesterday, including adding a full dose of polyquat 60 and 2qt metal sequestrate. This afternoon I'm going to start to rebalance the pool and add chlorine (using bleach). I just opened the pool 2 days ago so my CYA is <20 (according to the TF-100). I'm going out of town later this weekend for a few days, so I was thinking about using some pucks in my old floater to continue to bring up the FC level and CYA level while I'm gone. My concern is that the pucks won't provide enough chlorine to combat the ascorbic acid in the pool, leading to algae growth. Anybody have any suggestions on how to continue raising the FC level while I'm out of town?

Test results after Ascorbic Acid treatment:
FC - 0
CC - 0
TC - 0
PH - 7.0
T/A - 90
Temp - 64