Acid Bath


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Jun 20, 2013
Huffman Tx
I am building a koi pond black plaster is in and full of water . Koi people tell me to take the ph down to 6.0 for 1 month , The idea is to get the plaster to leach out . I think lime that makes the plaster pools run high ph for the 1st year.. make any sense ? input welcomed


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Jun 7, 2011
Midland TX
Yes, the constituents in plaster can cause the pH to rise in the first year. How well 6.0 for one month will do I can't say, but it won't be good for the plaster long term. Will it likely be fine? Probably, but it may get blotchy looking...hard to say what will happen. Just curious, I assume this is prior to adding the Koi?


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May 22, 2013
Hudson, WI
Depending on the expense and finish of the pond you might want to get the advise of a pool builder rather than Koi people. I know it's common practice to add a lot of acid to a fresh plaster job but I'd rather be taking advise from someone who builds ponds or pools so I know that 6.0 figure won't damage or fade the surface or color.

Do you have any pictures of the pond ??