above ground pool cover and leaves

May 30, 2012
We live in the southeast and have a new above ground pool with many trees surrounding it. The leaves and gumballs clog up the filter daily, which we clean. We are heading on vacation for a week and are trying to figure out how to inhibit the clogs.

Can we put a pool cover on it to keep out the leaves and such?
If so, what kind would be good for the southeast? Just a tarp? One that we can use for winter? What is a recc'd winter cover for above ground pools in the southeast?

If not a cover, any other suggestions on how to inhibit the clogs?

We have several trees over our pool, and I used to put the winter cover on while we were gone. We were gone last year for 12 consecutive days, and I covered it with a leaf net. When we returned home, the net had leaves, pecans, etc. on it. It worked out great. Matter of fact, I have put the leaf net on a few times the past couple of months because the drought is making my trees drop leaves and pecans. Needless to say, I think a leaf net is a good investment for a pool with trees near. We even use it over our winter cover.