A robot that can navigate the safety step?


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Jun 12, 2009
Central Illinois
I'm looking to upgrade from a barracuda to a robot... maybe.

I have a fiberglass, sport-bottom pool (3.5 feet deep at the ends, 5.5 feet deep in the center). However, there is a narrow safety ledge along both of the long sides of the pool, about 3.5 feet down. The ledge is approximately 3" - 4 " wide, and is GREAT at catching dirt or dust that may wash into the pool from the deck above. Below the ledge, the sides of the pool follow a gently rounded taper to the bottom.

The barracuda can follow the taper up the wall from the floor to the ledge, and does a generally good job up to that point. It will also occasionally find its way along the wall above the ledge, if it gets up that high around the end.

I would *dearly* love to find some kind of cleaner (a robot?) that can navigate its way over the safety ledge. The ability to get to the wall above the ledge would be nice, but if it can suck some of the dirt off the ledge itself in the process, I would be in heaven.

Anybody know of such a miraculous machine?
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