A big thanks and bugs in the pool.


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Apr 10, 2010
Western North Carolina
Hello Everyone!

Thanks so much for this wonderful site! We have had our pool up and running now for about a month and our water is crystal clear and I have never even walked into a "Pool Store"! Wal-mart for bleach, Foodlion for 20 mule team borax and Lowes for Muriatic acid. I've not spent $100 yet on my water and that's counting purchasing my TF-100 test kit. :whoot:

Our only problem is bugs. From looking at pictures on the web, they are not "backswimmers". However they do float on their backs with their stinger in the air. They look like small yellow-jackets with a shinny metallic body. Does anyone else have them and what can we do to rid the pool of these monsters? :x


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Mar 7, 2010
Quakertown, PA
Sounds almost like what we call a 'sweat bee' or similar small wasp. I don't think it's floating by choice, I think it got caught by the water if it's upside down on the surface. We just help bugs along in the water to the skimmer and let 'em drown. Good bugs we pick out and put on the rail. Sometimes they end up back in, haven't figured out why » you'd think they'd learn!


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May 16, 2008
Southwest OH
Well if they sting you because they're grateful you got them out of the water and saved them, it probably is sweat bees. We have them here and they drive me nuts but I just live with them. I skim the water really good before getting in and just hope that not too many find their way to my raft to climb on me and then give me a nasty sting. They're little but they let themselves be known.

If you don't think these are it, maybe post a picture of what you're talking about, but good luck either way! Have a great summer :)

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