9300xi problems and solutions


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Mar 29, 2011
I have an older model 9300xi. I recently had to replace the motor block. It looked like water got into it and corroded the circuit board.

Ordered a new motor block for $398. I installed it and after 2 days, the lights on the controller started blinking and the cleaner didn't move. Those were the same symptoms of a bad motor block. I pulled it out of the pool and after about a week or so my schedule allowed me to take it back to the pool store for them to diagnose and see if I could get a warranty replacement on the new motor block. They did all the tests that Zodiac asked and said that the unit worked fine and should run.

I put on my detective hat and decided to tear into it before dropping it in the pool. What I found was that the connector from the cord to the motor block had moisture in it. I guess the o-ring seal had been compromised and during the time it was in the pool cleaning, water seeped in and caused a fault. Because I had it out of the pool for a week before taking it in, enough water had found its way out of the connection for it to function again, even though there was enough there when I tore it apart for me to see it was wet.

I filled the connector with dielectric grease and fastened it all back together. I also had a bit of a grinding between the gears on the motor block and the drive gear so I shimmed the motor block up a bit on the front with stainless washers between the motor block and the housing under the fastening screws.

Tested it out and no more grinding and it is running perfectly. Just passed the two day mark so hopefully the grease holds the water out of the connector this time for good.

If you are having trouble with your robot, check that all the connections are water proofed! Saved me a ton of headache and money.

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Hey slappie, thanks for the post. I think many who first saw the title (like me) avoided in fear they didn't know if they could help. In reality, you are providing some learning experience for others. Thanks for the post. Hopefully others with the 9300xi will benefit from your experience.