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Thread: Dolphin Advantage

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    Dolphin Advantage

    Has anyone used the Dolphin Advantage?

    Its relatively cheap up here in Canada, Costco has them listed at around $899...far lower then my PB price of $1,799.00 for a robotic pool cleaner.

    Your thoughts? Is a Robot worth the money, I really hate pulling out that hose that manages to get me thorougly soaked every 2-3 days. Not to mention I like the idea that these cleaners will filter on their own an down to 1 to 2 microns?


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    Based on my experience with the dolphin dynamic 2002 I would not recommend any dolphin products.

    I think you're better off with an aquabot or a blue diamond.

    Take a look at my review of the aquabot viva a couple of posts below this one.

    CarlD also had some problems with his dolphin.

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    There are some people who have posted they love the Dolphin. I almost bought one, but after I read about the Blue Diamond and the Aquabot, I knew I wanted one of those.

    Still, if you want to try the Dolphin, remember that Costco has generous returns. You could get one and try it out, if you don't like it, take it back.

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    Blue Diamond robot for those after storm days when I can't wait overnight for the in floor to clean it.

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    I have a Dolphin, the one with the remote ( 2002? 2020?.. whatever)
    I bought it refurbished.. this is it's second season and it works awesome!

    I was scared after readings Carl's reviews on the dolphin, but I have no complaints; it does what it is supposed to do.
    even cutomer service at smartpool was okay... Thy kept sending me the wrong cleaner
    ( first I got the one without remote, then they sent me robokleen..TWICE!!! but finally they got it right and paid for the duty taxes I had incurred as well from the mis-ships)

    I will say this though about robots... remove any thing that could possibly be "eaten" from your pool
    I have had to take apart my dolphin twice to remove (1) the pool devil pro "sock", & (2) a sock/ribbon that had stabilizer in it
    ( not to mention a solar-fish mishap.. although that one I was able to fix without removing any screws )

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    I have a Dolphin Disgnostic (the one without the remote). I love it - and it's been a great cleaner for me.

    I've had no problems with it at all (knock on wood) and it does a fantastic job of cleaning the pool.

    Regardless of whether you choose the Dolphin or another brand, the robot is the way to go.

    My cleaning routine involves:
    1) Plug up the power supply
    2) Unwind the cord and toss the Dolphin in the water (gently)
    3) Connect the Dolphin power cord tot he power supply and switch on

    Steps 1 - 3 are done in under 5 minutes

    4) Go to bed and get a good nights sleep
    5) Before using the pool the next day, remove Dolphin from pool
    6) Remove filter bag, turn inside out and rinse
    7) Place bag back in Dolphin
    8) Unplug power cord and coil up on caddy
    9) Hang Powersupply back on caddy
    10) Store Dolphin on Caddy in the shed

    Steps 5 - 10 are done in about 10 minutes

    The Diagnostic model will clean my 18x36 pool perfectly in about 3 hours of run time, but runs 8 hours if left overnight. I've been very pleased with it. I have also contacted Maytronics (the manufacturer of Dolphin products) on an issue shortly after getting my unit, and they were a pleasure to deal with and took care of the issue immediately. The issue was related to the Dolphin climbing too high out of the water. The provide me with a weight that is now attached to the base plate preventing it from climbing too high above the water line.

    I can barely get my manual vacuum hose out, hooked up and ready to use in 15 minutes.

    Side Note: If you need something for quick spot cleaning, I hear the PoolBuster is turning out to be a great little tool. I'm thinking of getting one based on the reviews I've seen.
    6500 gal. Fiberglass HydroPool w/SWG = 9' x 18' x 6';

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