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Thread: Lowering TA/ Aeration

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    Lowering TA/ Aeration

    I've recently started up the SWG on my fairly new pool. My most recent test results are as follows:

    FC: 3.5
    CC: 0
    TC: 3.5
    TA: 100-110
    CH: 250
    CYA: 60
    Salt: 3,300
    PH 7.8-8.0

    Comparing these numbers to the suggested levels for SWG Pools in the Pool School article, I plan to add a little more CYA to get to a level of about 75. Also, in order to try to stabilize the PH, which seems to rapidly return to the 8.0 range, I would like to lower the TA to about 80. Does that sound about right? Anyway, last night I added Muriatic Acid to lower the PH to 7.2 and ran my water features all night with the pump on low speed. This morning the PH was back up to 7.5 and the TA still measured at 100. Depending on the accuracy of my testing it looks like I may have lowered the TA a little bit. Do I just need to keep repeating until it gets to where I wanted.

    Also, to make sure I understand correctly, it is the addition of acid that lowers the TA, not the aeration? Correct? The aeration is only necessary to get the PH back up to the right level. Regarding Aeration: I have 3 types of water features on my pool...


    Spill Edge:

    2 Spray Heads:

    Which of these features would be the most effective for aeration? I can run any or all of them, so I'm sure running all of them at once would be the most effective. The only reason I ask, is that I don't really like to run the spray heads all night, since it is more prone to blow all over the place if the wind comes up.

    Once I get everything above where I want it, I am considering adding borates for better PH stabilization... one thing I am curious about, is if the borates will likely be a positive or negative addition for a couple of my kids that have sensitive skin/excema. We switched from liquid chlorine to the SWG for this purpose, and after only a couple of weeks their skin seems to be much better now than with the liquid chlorine. Does anyone have any experience with sensitive skin/borates? Also, I'm assuming that a level of 30-50 ppm borates, there is not any risk to the smaller kids from accidentally drinking some of the water when they swim.

    Thanks again to all of you for this site and all of the valuable information on it.
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    Re: Lowering TA/ Aeration

    Yes, you need a number of cycles of adding acid, aerate, repeat. Keep at it till you get to the TA level you are aiming for.

    All of your water features cause aeration. All of them together produce more aeration than one or two.

    I would aim for a TA of 70.

    RIght, acid lowers TA. Aeration only raises PH.

    Borates improve the "feel" of the water. Some people find it a very significant difference, others hardly notice.

    Borates in the recommended range (30-50) are fine for kids, even if they drink some pool water.
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    Re: Lowering TA/ Aeration

    I have found in my pool with high TA fill water, a hefty amount of aeration is required to do the job, which is often best provided by a good rainfall

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