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Thread: Sparks! Glowing SWG! No, not in a good way.

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    Sparks! Glowing SWG! No, not in a good way.

    First time posting, glad to be here. While searching for AquaRite/AquaTrol repair I found this forum. Lot's of info about the black 'disc' current-limiter repair but couldn't find much for my issue; if it's even repairable? So Labor Day evening I'm changing my quick-release return jet to put the Polaris on for night cleaning (above ground pool, polaris 160(?) and shut the Aquatrol off at the timer switch. Okay. It was dark, my pool light was on in the deep end, I could see plenty good enough to do this, I've done it many times. Change out the ball return for the Polaris, turn to the AquaTrol and push the white switch Up to the timed position which will start the pump and "!BzzttTT - bbzz..hhmm..BbZzzTttT!!" And I jump back from having my hand on the timer, all the while watching a yellow Fire! Sparks! Glowing! behind the front panel on the AquaTrol! So looking for what must've been 5-7 seconds, and the glowing and "BzzZZTTT!" not fading I'm like..umm..Unplug it before it ...?! So I jump around to the GFI and unplug it and I stand there watching it glow/spark/spit for another few seconds and by now I'm smelling magic smoke, lots of it. Wow. Well, needless to say I don't think replacing the inrush current limiter will fix this baby. Maybe Goldline/Hayward is interested in doing a 5C (Q/A) to find out what happened. I mean, IF I WASN'T there and it did this, in Texas, Sept, no rain, sparks/fire on the dry grass...? Shudder to think it could've burnt my house down. Guess it's off to Amazon to get a board for $266. ****. At least I can finish the next 4 weeks with liquid bleach and install it new for next year.
    Enjoy the pics
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    Re: Sparks! Glowing SWG! No, not in a good way.

    Looks like that relay self destructed. The question is: was it cause by over current, or was it caused by some sort of internal failure inside the relay?

    If it was the former, then, a new board may not actually solve the problem. If it was the later, then perhaps you could replace that Omron relay (<$5) and rebuild the burned traces.

    As you say, you've got all winter to figure it out...
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    Re: Sparks! Glowing SWG! No, not in a good way.

    Thanks Foobert. Here's an update; Out of 3 (yes, count 'em, 3) units only 1 works and it doesn't power the pump, but it does generate chlorine through the cell. So the pic attached this time is of unit #2, I ordered the inrush limiter thinking maybe unit 2 or 3 might be saved. But alas, you can see where the Omron cap is burnt on the back of the board. So, unit 1 is generating chlorine but the power to the pump outlet isn't present, I bet it's a bad cap too although I didn't check. Unit #2 is this one, a 9 year old unit that was supposed to go back to Goldline in 2004 after they sent me a replacement unit under warranty because it failed (which is unit 1, also failed in the pump power category but working in the generating category). Unit 3 is the burnt one from the other post, which is the newest unit bought in '07/08?-ish. Now I was going to buy a PCB but with the power issue I may just opt for the whole shibang. Rant Warning- What a racket, make inferior products, charge a premium, give a short warranty, and you have little to no other choice. Which is why I'm on my 5th Hyundai with 1 repair and they installed new plug wires on their dime. We are just too used to the great feel of a salt pool balanced right to go back to liquid chlorine. Rant End.
    I'm not a EE so as far as soldering/ordering parts/using a mulitmeter for other than current can't do too much.
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    Re: Sparks! Glowing SWG! No, not in a good way.

    Are those the same relay? (I know same relay type, but the relay number).
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