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Thread: A Solution for Big Wrinkles

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    A Solution for Big Wrinkles

    Some of you may recall my problem with wrinkles a couple of weeks ago. Just a few small wrinkles and the magic of a toilet plunger… Since then, during one night we received over 5 inches of rain. I went out to the pool the next morning and about had a heart attack. HUGE 10ft monster wrinkles all over the pool in the shallow end. I had horrific visions of paying money, draining water, pulling liner, etc… Then I happened to talk with an old guy in our town who services pools. He was swamped with calls just like mine… wrinkles everywhere. His next available appointment was more than a week out. He also mentioned that if I didn’t take care of it fairly quickly the wrinkles would set and be that much harder to get out. He offered to come and explain what he does to fix the problem. I said sure. He came out, told me what I needed to do… and it worked perfectly. I’m just passing along the love.

    This worked great for me… don’t know if it will work for you so attempt at your own risk. Anyway, I have a big 50,000 gallon vinyl lined pool with a liner that’s a couple of years old. These are pictures I took Saturday morning.

    Unfasten about 6 or so inches of the liner wedgy-thing that secures it in place. Sorry about the lack of the proper technical term. The white spline thing. Carefully insert a hose between the liner and the backer board and fill it up with water.

    You need to put a lot of water behind the liner. It will cause the liner to eventually “float” so you can work the wrinkles out. It took be about 4 hours worth of pumping water in before parts of the bottom began to equalize with the water pressure in the pool. I kept the water going while I got in the pool and started carefully grabbing liner and moving in the direction of the wall I thought it came from. After about 2 hours of maneuvering liner with my very sore finger tips, a push broom, and a plunger… yes, you must always utilize the plunger, all the slack that had created the wrinkles was back into the corners of the pool.

    I then unpackaged the new transfer pump I bought… between $70 and $90 at Ace Hardware.

    I used electrical tape to attach the water side hose of the pump to a broom handle just shy from the end of the broom handle and carefully threaded this between the liner and the backer board. Place it all the way to the bottom. Place the end of the discharge hose either out into your yard, or even back into your pull. You’re going to suck some of the water out from behind the liner. I did this for about 20 minutes and found that most of the water had settled out of reach of the hose. I pulled the apparatus out and wedged the liner back in place. These are the after pictures.

    It was an all day project but it worked!

    Hope this helps.
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    - Korinian

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    Re: A Solution for Big Wrinkles

    korinian , that is a FANTASTIC post! I'm gonna' give you a gold star.

    Amazing details and pix!!! for those that might need it!

    p.s. I get tickled seeing the plunger in the pool :P
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    Re: A Solution for Big Wrinkles

    GREAT JOB!!!

    *standing ovation*

    I was scared when I saw those big wrinkles! WHEW! He knew what he was talking about!

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    Re: A Solution for Big Wrinkles

    Well I have to say that is really cool. I was pondering doing this myself this year. 2 years ago I had some water behind my liner and the wrinkles came out real nice. Last year the wrinkles were back and no water was there to allow me to move the liner. This year it is worse and I was just going to replace it at the end of the season. After seeing what you were able to get rid of. I am sure I can get rid of mine.
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    Re: A Solution for Big Wrinkles

    Were there wrinkles in your deep end? I don't guess the liner floated in that area any did it?

    My entire pool liner - all the way down to my bottom drain is wrinkled like that. Maybe even worse.

    Oh and I have the same liner... got it LAST year and now I open the pool to find this.


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    Re: A Solution for Big Wrinkles

    Can we get these pictures back?
    Denver, CO

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    Re: A Solution for Big Wrinkles

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