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Thread: New Liner Replacement

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    New Liner Replacement

    I mentioned this earlier, but we installed our liner just before 4th of July. Within a week we had a seam tear apart. I patched it to get through the summer, they are sending a new one here in August. It just tore again further up the same seam, so I patched that one. I have a couple questions

    1. Since its so new, do I need new gaskets? The gaskets would be on the pool less than 2 months.

    2. Would it be better to drain the pool, leave the old liner in over the winter and put the new one in in the spring?

    3. Would it be better to keep the current liner in all winter, hope it holds water all winter and replace in the spring?

    4. Pipe dream, but I wish there was a 20,000 gallon water holding bladder I could rent so I could salvage my crystal clear perfectly balanced water.
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    Re: New Liner Replacement

    1. Probably not, inspect for damage
    2. Don't drain the pool as it can put stress on the walls
    3. That's an idea, maybe just do a bunch of over patching as preventative maintenance (HH-66 glue does not weaken vinyl unlike boxer glue)
    4. The liner company I purchase from experimented with this but it was deemed not feasible. (you need level ground or you'd have a 3 ton rolling death bag) Although some installers have had success with purchasing multiple intex pools to use as water storage (although this wouldn't really be cost effective for a one time use, unless you plan to return them to wal-mart lol)
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    Re: New Liner Replacement

    our local Pool Co that we use from time to time does just that...If you have salvageable pool water, they'll bring out several Intex east set pools out and drain into them, and then pump the water back into your pool when done. Our water costs us $200 per 6,000 gallon tanker truck and to fill my pool it's 4 trucks, and then I have to still top off with my hose.

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