6 year lurker from Tallahassee, FL finally signed up


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Jan 15, 2021
Tallahassee, FL
I found TFP when I bought a house with a pool and suffered a torrential mud-in-pool, don't-see-the-pool-anymore rainstorm a month later. I've replaced two motors and converted to salt water by reflowing an obviously bad solder joint on a dead controller. I also bridged my Hayward Aqualogic onto my network and wrote some Python to read and control it. Plan to do the same with my new VSP when it arrives. Need to strip personal details and put that on Github for you.

It's now time to replace the single-speed pump with a VSP, change out most of the leaky manifold, and improve automation. Joining because I still learn volumes from this site and might be able to contribute alongside the electronics/automation geeks now.