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Thread: Automating / Firing Pool Service!

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    Automating / Firing Pool Service!

    Pool owners, et alia:

    People pump all kinds of things into their pools, I am about to pump some money into mine, and would like the advice of the pool prophets and grey beards here. Thus, I engage you to comment on all or any part of my epistle that you feel that your core competencies qualify you to assist me with.

    Indeed it is instructive that I feel coerced to automate the chemical administration of my pool, cleaning the pool (to the extent I can), and replacing my pump, while hopefully in the long run, saving a few bucks. I understand that I am likely looking at spending a couple of kilobucks on stuff, but i'd like to have things automated.

    Inscribe of capabilities I aim to accomplish:

    1) Automate Chlorine Generation and the dispensation thereof by leveraging a SWG
    2) Automate pH adjustment via CO2 or Hydrochloric acid and the dispensation thereof
    (which is better, CO2 or Hydrochloric acid)?
    3) Install an IntelliFlo pump to save money and run more efficiently when the electricity is cheaper (at night)
    4) Purchase something to replace the beaten down Kreepy Krauler that came with my home, and is recently amongst the deceased (there is some Hayward $299 sweeper that everyone tells me to buy, what say you?)
    5) Install a solar heating system (myself) capable of initiating or suspending operation predicated upon sensory information received from thermographic measurement instrumentation
    6) Lastly, being able to receive sensory information in the way of status data from all of the proposed hardware, in such a manner as I can write some scripts to monitor it under Linux would be the cherry on top. I imagine that either serial data, RS-485 level data, or perhaps TTL level conversion might all need to be employed in pursuance of receiving all of this sensory data from the devices discussed herein above.

    I am fully aware that there are manners by which pH probes and thermographic measurement instrumentation are able to report via serial connection this kind of data, I am less familiar with ORP, or attaining other sensory information from the potential hardware I will purchase.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance, and do have a most wonderful and blessed day.


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    Sorry, as a lowly mermaid, I cannot understand such verbose speech, but wanted to say

    welcome to TFP...

    somebody more well-versed than myself in equipment issues will be along shortly!

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    For an outdoor pool it is simpler, and often just as good, to run a SWG on a straight percentage based run time rather then get involved in ORP based automation. ORP sensors have various issues and because sunlight consumes a percentage of the chlorine each day percentage based systems are stable and reliable.

    PH sensors work well and an automated acid feed system is a great combination with a SWG, which tends to cause PH to rise. CO2 works as well, but I prefer a muriatic acid based system.

    This site has lots of good information about how one person setup their Linux based automation system. He has some of the CYA chemistry wrong but his computer and automation information is excellent.

    You might also want to look at this thread, where various automation system ideas are currently being discussed.

    If Linux isn't a priority you might want to look at the AutoPilot Total Control System (my favorite) or the Hayward Pro Logic system.
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