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Thread: 4" Gash Through Galvinized Side

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    4" Gash Through Galvinized Side

    Well, my grass is cut and pretty. I shot a piece of metal through the side of the pool About a 4" gash. We have it patched for now with a vinyl patch, but I don't expect it to hold long.

    Couple of questions for the pros:

    I would LIKE to make it through this season without having to drain to repair. I figure if I can, I will just drain next year, repair the steel by pop riveting a patch in place (from the inside) and put in a new liner while I'm at it (we're on about the fourth year with this liner and have already patched a few vinyl holes). What concerns me for now is two things:
    1. The steel has sharp edges to the inside so I figure it's a matter of time before the patch is torn. Can I either grab it with some needle nose pliers from the outside and bend the sharp edges outward OR hit it with a hammer/board from the inside? I worry either of these may cause the vinyl to rip more. 2. Even with the sharp edges to the outside, with the hole being pretty significant, is the pressure going to eventually cause the vinyl to stretch through the hole and rupture? Is there anything thicker than the usual patch that I could "patch" with from the inside just for this year?

    I'm attaching a pic in case it helps see the "train wreck"

    If it matters (I was wondering if there's anyway to "slide" some metal patch between the liner and the wall..hubby laughed at me), it's a beaded liner.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated! I have this fear of it ripping again when I'm not around and coming home to a drained pool.

    BTW..this is what ya get when you try to be a nice neighbor and blow grass toward YOUR pool instead of the neighbors..LOL
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    I believe you can probably slide something down the pool wall to back the liner. I'd think a stiff piece of plastic might be better than metal.
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