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Thread: seems like a lot of chlorine??

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    seems like a lot of chlorine??

    Hi, I have a fiberglass pool and had to replace a lot of the water with well water this year (drained a lot to get to the light). So these numbers are mostly a victory

    pH 7.4
    TA 80
    CYA 10
    CH (pool store said they were low but I forget)

    this morning FC = 2
    TC well above 5 - that instant bright pink

    Q1. is OK to add still more chlorine even though there is still a lot of "total chlorine" in there? will only free chlorine do bad things to piping?

    q2. next step after I get the pool clear from shocking is to add stabilizer? and then calcium?

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    Re: seems like a lot of chlorine??

    If you are shocking, you do not have enough FC. read "How to Shock Your Pool" up in Pool School.

    Secondly, your FC and TC readings don't match are you testing those?

    Chlorine, used correctly has no affect on piping.

    Post back about how you got those test results and tell us why you are shocking (if that's what you are doing) and we'll help you get on a correct path.
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    Re: seems like a lot of chlorine??

    Yes, add more chlorine to maintain a shock level based on your CYA level.

    With FC of 2 and TC of 5, you have 3 CC and you need to do the shock process as outlined in Pool School.

    Go ahead and add enough CYA via sock method to reach about 30ppm.

    What test kit are you using?

    Get pool clear first/complete the shock process (see red lines in my sig), have everything else balanced and then work on CH.

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    Re: seems like a lot of chlorine??

    The water is cloudy. (clear enough to see bottom in shallow end but not in deep end) The test kit I have is from Leslie's (Taylor) with DPD, but does not have the the powder test you all talk about (FAS? I think) So 5 drops of #1 and #2 yield FC and then 2 drops of #3 give TC. So I think from reading your teachings I should continue shocking til clear at which time FC should equal TC, and also I should add the CYA.

    Can I add CYA and chlorine at the same time?

    I can't tell you how much I appreciate the help. The great mystery in my backyard is becoming more understandable!

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    Re: seems like a lot of chlorine??

    You can hang CYA in front of a return while you're shocking and it won't hurt anything.
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    Re: seems like a lot of chlorine??

    So, do you have a plan to measure the FC to keep it above 12ppm which is the shock level for a CYA of 30ppm?

    You can buy just the FAS-DPD chlorine test to add to your kit (if it already does everything else) and give you a much better control of your pool. ... t-p47.html
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    Re: seems like a lot of chlorine??

    You really need the ability to test FC above 5 ppm. I would get the FAS-DPD test from

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