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Thread: Added Cya still not holding chlorine

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    Added Cya still not holding chlorine

    After finally getting my new Pump and filter ( Hayward Xstream 1hp pump and cartdridge filter) of course im tring to get my chemicals right. I added some chlorine and algacide to it before my pump came so it didnt turn to a swamp. After filling (13,500total) Filled maybe 9000. First step was getting the chlorine to stay up. I got some cya and added 1lb for 3000 gal manufacturs specs. Poured in slowly threw skimmer to desolve and added i think 112 oz bleach what pc recommended. Nxt morning tc was 4.5. Next evening its back to 0. I dont get it ph is 7.5 got that down from 8.0 but why ist the chlorine staying in. Do i really have to add that much bleach daily. Or i did read 2 much algecide kills chlorine. Idk need any ideas thx First Season

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    Re: Added Cya still not holding chlorine

    First, so I am getting this right, you added 1 lb/3000 you added a total of 4.5 lbs?
    If you indeed added 4.5 lbs, then that would have raised your cya level by ~ 40 ppm assuming no other cya was in pool before (trichlor and dichlor also add cya, so if you used either of those previously, then your cya is likely higher).

    Next question for clarification... you added 112 ounces of 6% bleach last night which should have raised your FC level to around 4 ppm...did you measure it? With 4.5 ppm by morning it seems that you did not loose much/any when the sun was not on your pool. Most likely the loss of FC during the day is due to your cya not being totally dissolved in the water yet and chlorine being burned off by the sun. How did you add the cya to the pool? Cya can sometimes take a week to show up in tests.

    The ph and chlorine loss are unrelated.

    How are you getting your test measurements? You need to have an appropriate test kit to be most effective with testing your chemical levels...see the link in my sig for details.

    If you haven't read it already take a look at this post:

    Also, make sure you continue to spend some time in poolschool (link at upper right of each page).
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    Re: Added Cya still not holding chlorine

    but why ist the chlorine staying in
    Chlorine is consumable and will never "stay" in your pool. It must be constantly replenished.
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    Re: Added Cya still not holding chlorine

    Im using a drop test kit to start with.

    Bleach i measured in a big plasctic measuring cup. I use 1 just like it at work to measure oz of epoxy paint for painting the work pool. (1million gallons). Used exactly what the pc said. Chlorine i retested this mornign and still 0. Even did half tap and pool water to make sure the regents wernt getting bleached out. stilll 0
    I put the cya in the skimmer and most dropped in front of the return line. Measured the cya on my food scale i use to count carbs(diabetic) very accurate.
    Some of the cya was at the bottom of my filter canister when i cleaned it out this morning so i broke it up and dissolved it in the water good. So maybe the cya didnt dissolve all the way.\
    So whats the best way to put it in. I see it takes awhile for it to disolve and dont want it plug up my filter so........
    thx again

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    Re: Added Cya still not holding chlorine

    It can take CYA up to a week to fully dissolve, and it won't start having much effect until 24 hours have passed.
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    Re: Added Cya still not holding chlorine

    2-4ppm chlorine loss per day is average with a pool that is balanced with 40'ish ppm CYA. If you lost 4.5ppm in one day in a pool that had no CYA, it doesn't seem unreasonable or excessive.

    CYA in a sock (a tube sock works fine, it can be used on a foot afterwards too) tied off at the ladder or in front of a return works best. Dissolve rate also seems to vary by manufacturer with the pool store brands being more difficult to dissolve than specifically, the HTH brand which dissolves rather quickly (just a few hours if you squish the sock frequently). The HTH brand may show on tests before a week has gone by as well, but you will absolutely want to wait a week to test CYA if you are using the slower dissolving brands.

    You'll want to wait to backwash till you're sure all that you put into the skimmer is dissolved or it'll just be wasted in the backwash. This is one reason why the sock technique is recommended over pouring into the skimmer.
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    Re: Added Cya still not holding chlorine

    ok ill wait awhile and test the cya. Only got 2 test in the kit i got. I like the sock idea. Ya when i cleaned my filter alot of it was still in the bottom so i mixed it by hand and made a white soup still it all dissolved. Hope alot of bleach is not needed to keep up on bc its gunna get expensive (state dont pay alot). thx post backk with cya results in a few days and c how it goes

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