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Thread: Liquid vs. Solid Measurements

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    Liquid vs. Solid Measurements

    I love this website. The stickies have been a great start and everyone has been really helpful. Had a question about measurements.

    For the BBB Method (Bleach (liquid), Baking Soda (solid) , Borax (solid) ) I was wondering if I should be paying attention to the fact that 1 is a liquid and two are solids. I had just noticed that liquid and dry measurement are not always the same and that got me worried that I can't use the same measuring devices for B,B and B. I'm assuming that correct ?

    I have one of those little plastic containers that came with my products (probably alkalinity plus or ph Increaser). It looks like a small pitcher and has small measurements (in oz.) up to 8 oz. Maybe I should be throwing that away and getting something more sophisticated ?

    I guess my question here is to ask you experts what you use ? and if you use different measuring devices based on if it's Liquid (Bleach) or Solid (Baking Soda, Borax, Cyranuric Acid Granules). Also, does the Pool Calculator calculate Bleach in liquid oz. and Baking Soda /Borax in dry ounces ?. Thanks

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    Ounces by volume are the same, liquid or powder. Some products are specified by weight, and the pool calculator specifies whether the measurement is by volume or weight.
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    Usually liquids are measured by volume and dry chems by weight. I use a small kitchen scale for weighing.

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    I appropriated some of my significant other's kitchen utensils - a tablespoon and a measuring cup.
    Pools are so big that almost always close is good enough. Especially if you err on the side of too little. (The one exception to that is the sanitizer.)
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