3+ Weeks of Cloudy Water


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May 23, 2019
I'm currently at a loss. I opened our pool on 5/14... the first time it had been opened in over 2 years. It was in bad shape with a substantial amount of algae and debris, but after opening and bringing everything up to SLAM levels it pretty quickly began to clear up and turn that cloudy blue color. However, it has only marginally improved in the 3 weeks since. I maintained SLAM level for the entire first two weeks, changed the sand in the filter, and have brushed/vacuumed as many times as I reasonably can per day.

Last Friday, I added two SeaKlear Mighty Pods (a clarifier) and I was excited to see that it cleared up dramatically. I let the SLAM levels come down thinking that I had crossed the threshold, but by Tuesday of this week it was back to the same cloudy blue.

Current Numbers:
CYA: 50
FC: 6
CC: <0.5
PH: 7.4
Alkalinity: 70
Calcium Hardness: 160 (low, I know)


This is my first year of Pool Ownership, and its at the point where I'm sure that I'm missing something glaringly obvious. Any insights on how to get this water clear?
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Jun 8, 2018
SLAM - Shock, Level, Maintain. Maintain is the part that you are missing. To pass a SLAM, you must keep FC at SLAM level until you pass three tests.

1 - CC is .5 or lower
2 - Pass an Overnight Chlorine Loss Test
3 - Water is completely clear

Clarifiers are not needed. Chlorine, at SLAM level is what is needed. Raise the FC level up to SLAM level, test as often as you can and keep it at SLAM level until the three tests are complete. Sand filters will take the longest to clear the water, you could add some DE to your filter to help it out but wait til you pass an OCLT before you do because it will cause your filter pressure to rise quickly which will lead to alot of backwashing.

Hope this helps.
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