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Thread: Newbie With Above Ground Needs Help

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    Newbie With Above Ground Needs Help


    I bought a house and it has a 28' above ground pool.

    I've got a TurboFlow 70 heater.

    And in the garage there is a disconnected HI-Flow Pump and Clearwater Filter by Waterway.

    Do I need both the pump/filter and the heater?

    It has an inline chlorine unit, where to I get the cartridges for that?
    It is similar to this one: ... nators.asp

    Thanks in advance!

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    You do not NEED a heater. Ask yourself if you can afford to fuel it? is it worth the bother to extend the season by a few weeks?

    You will find that most folks here use plain old bleach as their source of chlorine.You can read here about using bleach and other 'grocery store' items to balance your water.

    Get yourself a good test kit so you can be truly in control of your water!

    Finally, I believe you just use pucks in those feeders. However, pucks used over a long time will raise your stabilizer levels so high that the chlorine available in the pucks is ineffective at killing things. Result=algae bloom

    Welcome to TFP! Ask as many questions as you like. 8)

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    Well no question you need a pump/filter. The heater is an optional item - if you want your water warmer than air temp, then yes you need some sort of heater, be it the Turboflo (which needs some sort of power source or fuel) or a set of solar panels which run by directing the water from your pump through the panels and back to the pool return - the sun warms the water. It works remarkably well and is free after initial cost of panels. You already have the heater, so cost is just the power source or fuel.

    I would guess that you can find the materials for the chlorine feeder just by googling pool suppliers online and find the best price for that particular models' supplies. Your local pool store may carry what you need as well.

    What you don't mention having that you WILL need are 1) a new liner (never use an old liner, once the pool is drained the liner is unusable - they shrink) and 2) is a proper test kit (chemical levels) Invest in that and the rest is gravey.
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    Ok, I have to side-bar a little here. I just recognized your screen name. So, here it goes (God, I watch too much TV)


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    doh! I knew that name was familiar.
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