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Thread: UV System - Does it work?

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    UV System - Does it work?

    New pool going in next week. Was going to go salt water chlorinator, but recently swam x 2 in a pool with one and developed an insanely itchy nose! Maybe I'm allergic to something that system is putting out, so I'm considering regular old chlorine plus ultra-violet. Pool is small - 10 x 20, only 5 ' deep, it will be kept covered about 2/3 of the time. The weather here is very hot but no kids, no mess. My pool man is suggesting Baquicil but everyone in your forum seems to be converting out of it.
    What to do?

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    Re: UV System - Does it work?

    We installed a UV system in our pool when it was built last year. I didn't want the possible corrosion issues with salt water. Having said that, I think if you want an easy to maintain pool with minimal "intervention", salt might be your way to go. In hindsight I wouldn't recommend a UV system since your going to need to add chlorine somehow as the UV just disinfects the water going through it, and does nothing to disinfect the pool water that's actually in the pool, hence the need for chlorine in the pool water.

    What I found works great for me is using something called the Liquidator. There is a forum here that should answer any questions you have on that. It's not as install and forget as a salt water, but it's one of the best things I've bought for my pool and it works great.

    It's like everything in'll maybe never find the perfect system, but you should be able to find one that workds great for you.

    Good luck...
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    Re: UV System - Does it work?

    SWG pools can be some of the least allergy/irritation triggering pools of all if they are managed well. Operated improperly they can have all the usual problems that any pool can have. Almost no one has a true chlorine allergy, nearly everyone reacts to CC, which only develops when the pool is managed poorly.

    UV doesn't do much for an outdoor residential pool, you have to use chlorine anyway and chlorine does so well that there isn't much for the UV to improve on.
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    Re: UV System - Does it work?

    There could have been something going on chemistry wise and the pool was out of balance... which was causing you to react.
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    Re: UV System - Does it work?

    Quote Originally Posted by flyboy320
    We installed a UV system in our pool when it was built last year.
    But do you like your UV system? I'm attracted to the idea of it. Or what about ozones?

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    Re: UV System - Does it work?

    The TFP method recommends chlorine sanitizer maintained at the appropriate level for a given CYA level.

    If you re-read flyboy320's post he said he wouldn't recommend it.

    Check out this post where waterbear (one of the most respected members here) debunks all of the common alternative sanitizers.

    You are not going to find many people here with positive things to say about alternative sanitizers. At best they are expensive and unnecessary, and at worst they are dangerous (in that you really don't have sufficient sanitization ).
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