21x41 above ground with deep end owner build thread


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Sep 25, 2019
Erie, CO
Pool prices in our area are unreal (starting at 100k for in ground) so we decided on an above ground. The only above ground installer in our area wanted $28k to install a 21x41 Doughboy, so here we are, doing it ourselves.

Pool kit with expandable liner - $5,428
Pentair Clean & Clear 150SF Filter with 2 hp 2 speed Optiflo Pump - $562
Circupool RJ-45 - $994
Leveling and excavation - $900
Cinder blocks, pavers, concrete and misc - $196
Total = $8,080. Savings of $20k or almost 70%

The leveling begins:


Deep end excavation. We could've gone down to 7' but I didn't want to push it too close. Came out to about 6'6". The tractor left a rut on the outer perimeter where the wall was going to sit so we ended up having to dig the whole thing down 2" to match that spot. Not fun.


Getting the sidewall supports leveled and set.


Adding the pressure pads with a little help.


Sand base, starting to lay out the wall track.


Finished the wall, cove and top rails in a day and started stretching the liner.


Bonding the frame


Liner stretching.

The liner was by far and away the toughest part. Our center line was off by about 2" but we were unable to move it any further because it wanted to move the end walls when we moved it. It's a 30GA overlap expandable so it was heavy as heck, stiff and hard to manipulate. We actually had to put a ratchet strap one of the end wall sections to stop the liner from pulling it in as the water stretched it. Thankfully a tree was near so I could wrap it around it.


We had to do a partial drain and refill because there wasn't enough liner to stretch on one section. This spot doesn't get more than an hour of direct sunlight. It was in the mid 80s and low 90s but without the sunlight it couldn't get enough stretch. So close. It eventually got sucked in on our third try but I was able to stretch it back out enough one afternoon and gorilla tape it in place so that it held.


Finally have it this time.


Got the salt put in, pump and filter are up and running last night and the steps are in. Turning on the SWG today then testing and adding the CYA and baking soda.


Planning on adding a ~16'x24' deck on this side of the pool as well. That's for another day :)
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Jun 2, 2020
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Looks awesome!


Jul 15, 2019
I am so impressed you did this yourself! My DB is also 41x21, Saratoga Model, and we paid $5,500 in 2019 for an experienced DB AGP installer to level the sloped ground, dig a deep end and install it to code as we live on the side of a hill. It took a crew of six big guys three long days to get everything done to code. DB provided a plan to bond the pool as the NJ code required four spots. Don't forget to "bond the water at the skimmer," cheap and easy and the only part of the install I did myself! Our "deep end" is about 6' and covers about 1/3 of one end of the pool with a 24" edge all around. Pool itself was about $6.500 after talking to about a half dozen DB dealers in NJ. Septic systems and code setbacks prevented a much smaller in-ground pool. The first pump failed after only 15 months and it was a DB, now I have a much better and cheaper Hayward. The DB skimmer is fine, a bit of an older design, while the newer skimmers on the market allow for easier hard piping.

Note the cement used to stabilize the side supports. They are a lot deep than they look and are key to keeping such a large pool stable.

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Sep 25, 2019
Erie, CO
I think I would've paid $5500 to get it installed but $20k was completely out of the question. An installer did come by and check it out and said we did a better job than several professional installs he's seen so that made me feel better about it. Definitely used more concrete than I expected on those side posts.

It's close to our septic but oddly our county that is incredibly strict about septic systems doesn't have any rules about how close a pool can be to it.

Bought the Burndy piece to ground the water but forgot about it so thank you!


Jul 15, 2019
Here in Hunterdon County NJ we have long set-backs and strict rules for in-ground pools and almost none for AGP! You can legally place them right on top of your septic field! Of course we did not. Out deck edge is set back per code which is why it's not a "wrap around."
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