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Thread: correct pump and filter set up for a 15x30 above grd pool

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    correct pump and filter set up for a 15x30 above grd pool

    I have recently bought a 52" tall 15x30 above groung pool . The store sold me a proline 2hp 2spd (upgrade from a 1.5 1 spd) with a 22" sand filter the takes 150lbs of sand. My installer states I need to have a 300lb filter because the back pressure will be too much for the small filter they are supplying me with? I brought this to the stores attention and they do not offer a 300lb filter. The sales guy has never had an issue and of course he has the same pool at home?? They are also telling me to keep it on low 24/7?? Please give me some direction . Do I go back to a 1 1/2 hp or keep what I have . I am installing this as a inground I am hard piping it and vermiculiting the bottom and also installing the a center drain.
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    Re: correct pump and filter set up for a 15x30 above grd pool

    A 2 HP two speed motor on low speed will work acceptably with the 150 lb sand filter. On high speed it is likely to cause problems for that filter. Having a 300 lb sand filter would be a much better plan, but isn't absolutely required.

    When run on low speed, starting out with the pump running 24/7 is a good idea. Over time as you get familiar with the pool you will probably be able to lower that run time somewhat, but that is a fine place to start.

    Pool stores almost always give you a larger pump than you need and a smaller filter than you need. People think that large pumps are better, which they usually aren't, and they don't worry about the filter. Fortunately, a two speed pump behaves like a much smaller pump when used on low speed. Likewise, you actually want the largest filter you can afford, instead of the small filters they tend to sell.
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    Re: correct pump and filter set up for a 15x30 above grd pool

    Do I need to match the pump with the filter or can I return this filter and get a 300lb elsewhere?
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    Re: correct pump and filter set up for a 15x30 above grd pool

    It doesn't have to be a "matched set" if that's what you mean.... if they are willing to accept the filter back and you keep the pump you should be able to find the sand filter elsewhere (prob cheaper online...)
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    Re: correct pump and filter set up for a 15x30 above grd pool

    What the pool store calls "matching" is bogus. Essentially, too large a pump and too small a filter causes problems, and that's the only rule. It is not possible to oversize a filter. If possible, I think you should return the 2 hp pump and get a much smaller one, say a 3/4 or 1 hp 2-speed if available. As Jason said, get the biggest filter you can afford; the larger it is, the less maintenance it will require.
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