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Thread: Be an activist swimmer - free test strips

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    Be an activist swimmer - free test strips

    So this web site here is giving away free test strips and asking people to test pools all over the US and report back with the chlorine and pH levels. According to that site, "A properly maintained pool helps prevent recreational water illnesses, keeping swimmers healthy. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends patrons use portable test strips to check pool water for adequate chlorine and proper pH."

    pH values of 7,2, 7,4 or 7,8 are "acceptable", as are free chlorine levels between 1 and 3 ppm.

    Cute charts currently indicate that 76% of the pools tested have unacceptable chlorine levels, and 80% have unacceptable pH.

    I don't know where to start on that one, too many things to say, having patrons test pool water with test strips and posting the results "to compare" just sounds like a bad bad idea.

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    Re: Be an activist swimmer - free test strips

    Nice to see our tax dolars at work's an idea...send out fliers to Join TFP and learn how to properly maintain a pool.
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    Re: Be an activist swimmer - free test strips

    Yeah, the test strip promo is a waste of money. But they are doing some service by making people aware that pH and Chlorine are critical to a healthy pool.

    The home page actually has some good stuff on it.

    Myth #1: The heavy chemical smell around the pool is a reminder that chlorine is present in the water for killing germs.

    Fact: A properly disinfected swimming pool has no strong chemical smell, despite the presence of chlorine disinfectant to destroy germs.* That surprises most people.* In fact, the odor we notice around pools arises from the presence of chloramines in pool water.* Without turning this into a chemistry lesson, chloramines form when chlorine disinfectants react with contaminants brought into pools on the bodies of swimmers.* These contaminants include perspiration, urine, body oils and cosmetics.* Chloramines are irritants that can redden the eyes of swimmers and make their skin itchy.* Ironically, while many people think a pool chemical smell means there is too much chlorine in the water, more chlorine disinfectant may actually be needed to destroy the irritating chloramines.

    Myth #2: Chlorine in pool water turns your hair green.

    Fact: Green hair is associated with swimming and blondes display this best, but don’t blame chlorine.* The green color comes from metals, such as copper, in the water, which are added to control algae or may be leached from pool plumbing and fixtures.** Now green hair looks good on some but here is a hint:* Wear a swim cap.* If you hate that idea, experts recommend a thorough hair-rinsing as soon as you leave the pool, followed by a gentle shampoo.
    They got the two big myths nailed first!!

    They forgot the one about the Chlorine drying the skin and making the eyes sting...

    They have a bunch of links in there. Perhaps the webmaster here can get TFP on it. No, wait... just link to Pool School.
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    Re: Be an activist swimmer - free test strips

    ...except if you put in my normal FC level of 9 because of my 55 CYA, my pool becomes unsafe...

    I have no problem with the public getting info, I just wish it were the ENTIRE picture...
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