1st Filter Clean


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Apr 30, 2009
Finally got around to cleaning my filters a couple of weeks ago. They were pretty bad. However, after about of hour of spraying with a garden hose, they are now clean. My question is this....why didn't the pressure on my filter gauge ever rise to indicate they were dirty (pool was finished last June), and when I put it all back together the gauge never dropped in pressure (or at least VERY little)? Do I have a bad pressure gauge? Should I call the repair guy? The pressure does drop from around 20 psi to 5 or so when I switch from high speed to low speed.


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May 20, 2007
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Mine doesn't change either. It only changes from off, low to high but never to indicate being dirty. The only times I knew when it was due for cleaning was when the heater flow switch would trip and the heater wouldn't come on... so I clean it every 6 weeks or so, more during the heavy pollen season.


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Nov 5, 2008
Can you see or feel a difference in the return flow to the pool? I judge first by the angle of the water as it exits the spa spill over.

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