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Thread: Can you Vacuum with a skimmer sock in the bastket?

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    Can you Vacuum with a skimmer sock in the bastket?

    Hey guys, dealing with a great deal of pollen...vacuumed last weekend and just redistributed the pollen throughout the pool...I've been using a skimmer sock in the basket and it has helped clear the pool, but a lot of it has also settle back to bottom...can I vacuum with the skimmer sock in the basket or am I going to have to vacuum on the "waste" setting to rid myself of the pollen, which is, well, wasteful.


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    Re: Can you Vacuum with a skimmer sock in the bastket?

    You should be able to leave the sock in but you'll probably have to change/clean it quite often.

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    Re: Can you Vacuum with a skimmer sock in the bastket?

    We always kept the skimmer sock in there while vacuuming before we got out PR bot, I don't see why not. You always need to be sure to watch the basket to be sure it doesn't block up though, especially with the pollen whch really can clog things up during a heavy pollen drop. It can cause damage to the basket and create a low flow on your pump if not monitored.
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    Re: Can you Vacuum with a skimmer sock in the bastket?

    Vacuum to waste would be best, IMO. I don't know about your pool, but my skimmer socks would be so clogged as to not allow adequate suction.

    We dealt with major pollen this season, too, down here in NC. I vacuumed to waste twice due to pollen. I also brushed the pool 2-3 times daily during that same time period. I also realized my sand filter, even tho not registering increased pressure, was FILTHY with pollen debris. I was backwashing every other day.
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