18x48 Intex pool - recommend sand filter pump??


Jun 25, 2010
We have an 18x48 metal frame AG Intex pool. Our water quality for our small town is horrible and we have rust sediment in the bottom of our pool with crystal clear water on top- we know it's rust because we get the same thing in the tub when we take a bath. We have a 3,000gph pump model 520 and I'm wondering if we were to purchase a new- higher efficiency pump with a sand filter would that filter the rust out?? I know the pumps that you get with Intex are not very good for the size of pool. We would like to get an upgrade. Does anyone have any suggestions? And like I said, would a bigger pump with sand filter catch all the rust. Our current one now does not so it just circulates :(
Thanks for any advice!!!


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Mar 13, 2009
I dont think a filter can remove rust, at least not one that would be affordable. You can add a metal sequesterant for iron. As far as the pump and filter go I would keep the one you have, untill they must be replaced.

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