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Thread: Researching spas, now my head hurts!

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    Researching spas, now my head hurts!

    For the last two and a half days I've been researching spas trying to figure out what I should and shouldn't buy. I'm pretty sure my brain is going to explode any second now. However, I think I've got it down to what I do and don't want, so perhaps that's a start.

    I've gotten many quotes from my "local" spa stores. Local being a relative term here, and has nothing to do with how close they are to me, as there's nothing close to me. Well, unless my million dollar combine, that I don't have, breaks down in the field during harvest, I know I'll have a technician there in 10 minutes or less!

    I'm digressing again...

    I found this tub, BellaGrande at Spas N Stuff out of Florida. The "local" places can't touch this price on any spa to save their lives. It has everything I need! (Ok, want)

    It's just a branded tub made by someone else. I swear I've seen this tub elsewhere, but can't find it now. This company's only been in business for 4 years now, but I can't find a complaint anywhere. Not with the BBB, not on the 'complaint' sites that are around, nothin. I can usually find someone complaining about something on anything, but not this time. Matter of fact, all I can find is praise about this company. They could well be 'planted' praise, but I doubt it as they were on obscure websites. Weird...

    After doing some reading here it seems the majority here are against buying a spa online, and their reasonings are sound. However, I live right smack in the middle of the middle of nowhere. I'm not nervous about online purchases of big items anymore. I dropped 9 grand on wood floors online 10 years ago at ifloors (at the time, a less than 3 month old company). THAT WAS NERVE RACKING! But everything turned out perfect! Been buying stuff online since! Inluding washer/dryer, fridge, home theater systems, etc... never had a problem with warranty issues. Of which I've only had one warranty problem. I have to associate that with the research I do with the company I'm purchasing from first. However, I've never found a company I couldn't find a complaint about, however trivial the complaint was. That in and of itself kind of makes me nervous.

    So, I'll have to ask the million dollar question.

    Has anybody dealt with before?

    and the not so million dollar question.

    Does that spa and accoutrements look like a good deal?

    I think I might even splurge for the Arometherapy option too...
    Rob B
    My $100 pool finally died after 6 years.
    Totally got our monies worth!
    Butterfly made me do it...

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    Re: Researching spas, now my head hurts!

    Hi Rob,
    I am Mike, the owner of Spas N Stuff. You may get some comments from others here, but I'm also happy to directly answer any questions you may have about my spas.
    I've been web-only since day one and intend to remain that way.
    Lot's of spas in the US and a number internationally as well.
    Not your model, but if you check my customers pictures page/Avalon models, there are some cool new photos of that model built into the deck of a yacht.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me directly if I can answer any questions and reassure you of the quality of our spas and commitment to customer service.
    To avoid spam, I won't post my email online, but the contact us page is here: ... t-tub.html (phone and email)
    I hope to hear from you.

    Best Regards, Mike

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    Re: Researching spas, now my head hurts!

    Hi Mike!

    Welcome to TFP!

    I've been doing a lot more research, and I have to say I'm impressed! First I was a little worried about finding parts if you got wiped off the planet with a hurricane or something... (Hope it doesn't happen though...) But that's no longer a concern of mine since you use good stuff.

    I did find another hot tub I fell in love with. Was wondering if you could make them.

    Ok, just kidding... But I do have some specific questions I'll email to you later.

    Rob B
    My $100 pool finally died after 6 years.
    Totally got our monies worth!
    Butterfly made me do it...

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    Re: Researching spas, now my head hurts!

    Hi Rob,
    I might need extra filtration for that model.
    You can email me anytime.
    Regards, Mike

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