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Thread: Help with muriatic acid

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    Help with muriatic acid

    What is the preferred way to add muriatic acid to the pool, and what are the handling/application precautions?

    I'm a new pool owner, and my pH is around 7.9 - 8.0. I've added 6 lbs of pH Down (sodium bisulfate?) so far (as directed by the pool store), but the pH has barely budged if at all. I'm wondering if I should use muriatic acid instead. Just a little nervous since I've never used it before.

    My pool is 25k gallons and gunite/plaster.

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    Re: Help with muriatic acid

    The most common method of adding liquid chemicals to a pool is to pour slowly in front of a return jet while the pump is on. This lets the pool's natural circulation distribute the stuff. What I do is pour some from the jug into a plastic measuring cup, then use the cup to gently drop a couple ounces at a time into the water, waiting a few second between each dollop. If you do the pouring into the measuring cup over the water, any spills will go into the water which is where you want the stuff anyway.

    Muriatic is moderately unpleasant stuff, at the 31.45% concentration it has a tendency to give off fumes, and you will know without a doubt if you get a whiff. Best to keep the jug and your measuring cup downwind of you, if possible. I usually put on rubber gloves and some people use safety goggles as well.

    How much acid (dry or wet) you need partly depends on your TA. The Pool Calculator will help you figure this stuff out.

    P.S. You might want to put your pool specs into your signature, then it will show up by default in all your posts. Under the TFP logo in the upper left of this page, click on User Control Panel, then Profile, and Edit Signature.
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