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Thread: high pressure

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    high pressure

    Hello this is my first posting. I have a Hayward sand filter s244t my clean operating pressure is 35psi. The Hayward people say that is high for a normal running filter. They say I should check the sand and the laterals.Why would the pressure be high if the sand was old or there was something wrong with the sand or laterals? I'm not trying to argue just trying to understand what is going on inside the filter and how they work. Also the filter is plumbed with 1 1/2 pvc schd. 40 but at the fitting I don't see the usual purple cleaner stains that result from the glue up. Instead I see a white opaque residue. If I replace the sand I'll have to cut the pvc and install unions. I was wondering if there is some special glue. One more thing is there a place on-line or literiture I can get that can walk me through these repairs instead of diving in blind. We live in the southern Monmouth County region of N.J.. Thanks
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    Re: high pressure

    I would backwash and replace your psi guage...the gauge may have just gone bad...every pool set-up is different but my norm is 18psi clean - 26psi dirty
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    Re: high pressure


    welcome to the forum. Before you tear apart your filter, I would explore some other possibilities.

    35 psi is too high,

    1. Does your psi go to zero when you shut the pump off?

    2. Can you feel strong water flow coming back into the pool?

    3. Are all your valves positioned properly?

    4. When did you last backwash?
    Dave S.
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    high pressuer part 2 $13.00

    Thanks for your help.I put a new pressure gague 13.00 bucks. The normal pressure now is 12psi. I guess that's more like it. A continuing problem I have is that I continually vacume up the same debris. The debris is little flakes of degraded leaves. Shouldn't the filter strain particiles that large? What could be going on inside the filter to allow particiles the size of oregano to get through. The particiles come streaming back into the pool throught the in-lets as quickly as I vacume them up.Iv'e held the skimmer up to the in-let with one hand and vacumed with the other hand so that's how I know what the particiles are.Unfortunatily I think I started a new thread but I couldn't see how to continue the old one. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and experience I'd be grouping in the dark with out you.
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    Re: high pressuer part 2 $13.00

    Welcome to TFP!!

    I'm originally from Bergen county (Nice to see Garden Staters here )

    How old is the sand?

    You may be able to find some help in this thread. I think my advice on checking the multi first is a good place to start

    Keep us informed as to your progress and we'll help you get this problem licked.

    Though, a skimmer sock would probably mask/ solve the immediate problem, getting the real issue addressed would be best
    Luv& Luk

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