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Thread: Adding liquid chlorine to bromine pool

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    Adding liquid chlorine to bromine pool

    I have an indoor heated pool with brominator. I am continually having to add ph up.
    I assume the ph is dropping because of the bromine tablets.
    Would it be ok to add liquid chlorine routinely but leave the brominator running as well to ensure the sanitizer level never drops too low?


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    Re: Adding liquid chlorine to bromine pool

    The bromine tablets add a lot of stuff - bromine, chlorine and DMH. Once a bromide bank is sufficiently establish, one can stop using tablets all together and simply add liquid chlorine to convert the bromide into bromine. By constantly running the tablet brominator, you are adding ever more amounts of DMH to the water which will eventually over stabilize the bromine and allow algae and pathogens to flourish. This is a similar process to how cyanuric acid (CYA) acts as a chlorine buffer and stabilizer in chlorine pools - too little is bad (chlorine is too harsh) and too much is bad (chlorine is over stabilized).

    Also, as you are seeing, the tablets are acidic in nature and will constantly drop the pH requiring the use of pH-Up (soda ash). You can raise your TA with baking soda and then use natural aeration to raise the pH but if you are running the brominator a lot, it's going to consume TA and lower pH.

    Perhaps you can post a full set of water results so we can more clearly help you.
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    Re: Adding liquid chlorine to bromine pool

    Thanks for the reply.
    My test results are
    Ph 7.4
    Alk 95
    Br 6 ppm ( equivalent to 3ppm Chlorine I think)
    CH 160

    The pool gets regularly used throughout the year so I do use quite a lot of the bromine tablets which sounds like it is not good for the pool.

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