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Thread: New AGP Bulging Out Side

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    New AGP Bulging Out Side

    Hi, I've been lurking while reading Pool School, but now I've run into a hitch with my new 27' round above ground pool...

    It was installed by a local pool store a few days ago, and we've been filling it about 8 hours a day ever since. Today the water level is right below the skimmer, but I've found an odd bulge in one of the sides...

    I called our salesman and he'll be relaying the message to the installer, but I just wanted to get some more opinions about it...


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    Re: New AGP Bulging Out Side

    Looks like the bottom track is not where it belongs.
    I'd reverse the flow on the water hose and be ready for the installer
    so he can fix it.
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    Re: New AGP Bulging Out Side

    OMG, that bottom rail/track is off! Make your installer fix it - you paid for a pool done right, it should be done right.
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    Re: New AGP Bulging Out Side

    I agree, it looks like the side has popped out of the track. I would stop filling and wait for a call from the PS to see when they can fix it. When you drain it you need to be careful with your walls and liner.
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    Re: New AGP Bulging Out Side

    What a shame! Hope they fix it soon!
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    Re: New AGP Bulging Out Side

    Man I wish this user would have said how they fixed this.. I just put up a 27' that a friend gave me and I have one upright that looks IDENTICAL to this... .. I read somewhere else that this may be a high spot (easier fix) and some of you all here said it look like the track was out of position (harder fix)....

    Mine looks to be still in the track, just kina hard to see.. I was thinking it was a problem with the cove.. this upright is right at a junction between to styrofoam coves and one of them is kinda "gimpy"... but the high spot thing kinda sounds right, or probably just my wishful thinking..

    The original post was from 2 years ago.. has anyone seen anything like this since?
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    Re: New AGP Bulging Out Side

    We have the same style pool, (wall pattern) Our pool, just in for 2 weeks has a few areas that look like this, and we also paid an installer.
    We had him come back and look at it and also had 2 other contractors that help with pool installs (ground level guy and another man that has installed several) so I cannot say how expert their opinions are. Everyone said it should not be a problem, the wall is slightly out of the track at the bottom, but we have a good sand base and cove and should not be a problem with the liner slipping out.
    I have attached pics of our problem areas. Its rained here for the mud obscures a little. (Also leaving water at the base of the pool, so we need some drainage work?)
    Yours is bulging a bit more than ours by the pics.
    Good luck!
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    Re: New AGP Bulging Out Side

    dmaxwell messaged me and said his still looks like that to this day (2 years later)... so, I'm not gonna worry about it, I'll just keep an eye on it. thanks all for your posts...
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