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Thread: Adjust ph or not

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    Adjust ph or not

    I've finally accepted that I have green algae. I was hoping it was pollen. Water has been clear until I brush then plumes up green. I have a inground vinyl SWG. I raised the percentage up yesterday to 50. Normally run around 5-10. Pool is about 15,000 gallons with the Hayward 15 ( for 40,000 gal.) yesterday the TC was 4 and PH 7.5.
    Today TC is 11 and ph is 8.2. Is the ph up because I already raised the chlorine and should I adjust the ph now or continue to super chlorinate and leave it alone. Yes, I switched to that about an hour ago. I have not slammed with bleach. I think I can get the FC up with the SWG. Numbers from first test today are
    FC 11 CC 0 TA 80 CYA 50 PH 8.2 I had to backwash and add water today after those numbers. I did a ph test and it's still up there. Will wait on the others until a little later. Water is degassing right now also ( if that what tiny bubbles on the side is). I know the CYA is low. I raised it from 25 to 50 since last week. So, keep chlorinating, adjust ph, or what? I think I've been going in circles. Thanks.
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    Re: Adjust ph or not

    pH test is not valid at 10 FC or above. It often reads high at high FC levels.

    I would not attempt to SLAM the pool using your SWG. Pick up some bleach. It'll get your FC up to 20 much more easily and instantly and easier to maintain through SLAM.
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