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Thread: Deck jets and pipe sizing question

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    Deck jets and pipe sizing question

    My first post so I just wanted to say thanks for the wealth of information you guys have posted on this board. Every google search I've done while trying to educate myself has led me to this board and its been a great help.

    I'm in the process of planning to add 3 deck jets and some sheer descent waterfalls to an existing pool. I have a 26k inground saltwater vinyl liner pool with two skimmers plus main drain and three returns. Sand filter and a 1.5hp single speed pump....soon to be changed out to a variable speed once I can figure out which one will work best. All of my plumbing is 1.5 inch.

    So I want to add 3 pentair magic stream deck jets 58000. The pipe connection on these jets is 1.5". However the instructions say 1/2" is recommended and to use reducers. That seems very small to me. Is there any negatives to simply plumbing each jet individually with 1.5" pipe back to the equipment pad? My thoughts on the sheer descents are going to be (so far) two 12" ones and an 18" one that will be T'd off of a 2" inch pipe going back to the pad.

    I'm concerned about not being able to get enough water volume for the water features to run together and was thinking the larger pipes on the deck jets would help. I realize that, for example, having 3 suction lines and 4 return lines for the water features could cause the pump to cavitate but was thinking that this won't be the case since the water volume for the deck jets will ultimately be retricted to 5/16" each. Let me know your thoughts.

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    Re: Deck jets and pipe sizing question

    This manual simple says that you have to reduce the feed pipe to 1/2" so it can mate with the jet which has a 1/2" connector. I don't think they are suggesting that all the pipe is 1/2" only the part that connects to the jet.
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    Re: Deck jets and pipe sizing question

    I think it is actually a 1.5" connection port. "The supply piping to the Deck Jet water feature can be any size (1/2 recommended). The connection on the bottom of the body is 1 slip. "

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