Our site to purchase the test kit is back up......but with a lot of remodeling to do. You can order a kit, but you may have to search around a little to get your TFP supporter discount. (it's in the folder symbol above the list price kit)

There's a lot of "practice" images in there and the refills page is completely empty but we'll stay with it until we get it right.

Meanwhile, If you'd like to order something from us, I propose this as the simplest solution for now. Please email me directly at tftestkits@hughes.net and tell me what you would like. I'll send back an email confirming price (everything's in stock) and, if you say okay, I'll send you an invoice. It'll ship the next business day or sooner. Thanks for your patience. We'll probably have to take the site down again in the near future but we'll try to arrange that at a time late at night.