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Thread: Chlorine to High...

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    Chlorine to High...

    Is my Chlorine to high 10ppm? All my other water test results are fine. I'm new to this pool stuff..I have a Salt system by Goldline..Should I shut the pool chlorinator off for a few days?? I first had it at 50% and 35% and know 25% and it's still sitting at 10ppm. I also have a pool cover that I keep closed all week should I crack that open as well..I love the pool cover it keeps my pool clean... Any info would be great...Thanks...
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    Re: Chlorine to High...

    Welcome to TFP!

    It would help greatly if you could post a full set of water test results. FC of 10 might be too low, just right, or too high, depending on some of your other numbers. Odds are it is too high, but there is no way of saying without knowing you other numbers.

    If you keep the pool covered nearly all the time, it is common for the percentage on the SWG to need to be quite low. Opening the pool cover will lower the FC level, but it would be best to know if that is a good idea or not first.
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    Re: Chlorine to High...

    Thanks Jason for the reply..Her are my other results

    PH is 7.6

    Total Alkalinity is 90

    Calcium Hardness is 165

    Cyanuric Acid is 30

    phosphates is 100

    Salt is 3300
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    Re: Chlorine to High...

    Recommended free chlorine levels for SWGs are 5% of the CYA level so you could probably get away with a FC level of 2 ppm with a CYA of 30 ppm.

    However, with a SWG, you would be better off with a CYA closer to 80 ppm and FC level of 4 ppm. Goldline recommends a CYA level of 60-80 ppm and it is easier to maintain a constant FC level when the CYA is closer to 80 ppm.
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    Re: Chlorine to High...

    A little on the high side, a range from 2-6 from the pool calculator is ideal. Please see the below links for great resources.

    Pool School FC/CYA Chart
    Pool Calculator

    [Edit] Sorry to be redundant, the other reply came through while I was typing mine! [End Edit]
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    Re: Chlorine to High...

    Perhaps this thread will help:

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    Re: Chlorine to High...

    Just note that if you have the pool cover on most of the time and don't find the rise in pH to be objectionable, then a higher CYA level (i.e. 70-80 ppm) is not as important. It will help a little to let you have the SWG on-time a little lower when the pool is open to direct sunlight, but otherwise it's not critical.

    The reason for the higher CYA needed for most SWG pools is that they are exposed to direct sunlight so the higher CYA reduces the chlorine usage due to breakdown from sunlight and that lets one turn down the SWG on-time which reduces the rate of pH rise, increases cell life, and reduces cost.

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