1. JessB412

    Vermiculite bottom- does this look right?

    So we are about to have our liner installed but the vermiculite bottom is definitely not perfectly smooth. Is there a way to fix that? Im So terrified of it all showing threw the liner! My pool guy (who I don’t have a lot of faith in) keeps telling me it’s no big deal and the weight of the...
  2. S

    Ground prep new AGP

    I have a question from a DIY standpoint. My 22’ intex died from corrosion in the legs. Grandma decided to buy the kids a new 24’ steel sided 8” rail AGP. My ground is already prepped from earth standpoint from the previous pool, I just had to fix up the extra 2ft. Here’s the question, what...
  3. T

    Replacing liner

    hello all, I am replacing my vinyl liner and the bottom of the pool is concrete not vermiculite. I know this because it's rained and it is holding water. I have read it's fine and good contractors use concrete instead of vermiculite. Regardless the liner I just pulled out was wrinkled like a...